How to Catch Cheating spouses

If you aren't really sure yet if you have a cheating spouse, please take the time to read up on the signs of a cheating spouse here.

There are several ways on how to catch cheating spouses, and what we'll talk about here right now are cellphone spying devices. Cellphone spies are one of the cheapest and easiest ways for you to confirm your suspicions about your spouse. They are readily available, most are plug and play, and they can reveal valuable information to you in various forms, such as txt messages, or recorded phone calls of your "cheating" spouse.

Some cellfones even have the ability to act as a "bug", those things you see on TV that secret agents use to spy on the bad guys. We're that far along that technology lets us BUG people. Kinda scary but true, be sure to never use this on people other than your spouse, as you may end up getting sued for invasion of privacy. That's unlikely to happen if your husband or wife is cheating on you and caught you spying on him or her. They would probably more often than not get embarrassed and start making up excuses. I think we've all watched the Cheaters TV shows. We just never thought it could happen to us.

So how do you catch cheating spouses with your cellular phones? It's as easy as buying the software, for iphones and other phones that allow you to install programs, or using hardware for older cellphones that have a simcard and comes in setup. Meaning cell phones that don't let you install programs and such.

What's the better anti cheating device? They do the same things basically. The software to catch cheating spouses stores whatever messages the cellphone it is installed in has received, so even if it gets erased you'll still be able to read it. Some of the more expensive software even allows recording of phone calls. To catch cheating spouses using the hardware is a little more trickier. You'll first need to wait until your "cheating spouse" (if you have no proof yet, it's better to not treat them like they are cheating husbands / cheating wives) leaves their cellphone unattended, then you remove their simcard and simply insert the simcard into the hardware, or simcard reader and it copies the text messages that were received. Deleted or not deleted, it will all be saved in your hardware.

I'll try to post more ways on how to catch your cheating spouses when I have more time. Right now work is killing me. Don't forget, if you're researching about how to catch your cheating husband/wife, then that should be one of the biggest signs that you might have one. You know your spouse best, so you can easily tell if they are acting strangely.